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Crypto Revolt Gordon Ramsay Scam. Fake News Alert!

Fake News Scam Alert: The Crypto Revolt SCAM Software, app, and fake Forex robot is now using the name and reputation of top British Chef Gordon Ramsay to promote what we have already proven to be a confirmed financial SCAM and get-rich-quick scheme. Our previous Crypto Revolt review and scam investigation explains in detail what the Crypto Revolt system really is, and why it is a BLACKLISTED and replica crypto robot which must be avoided at all costs. So why is this happening and why are con artists using these types of fake news tactics to deceive and mislead innocent victims? The truth is that the scammers are clever as well as well-funded. Large affiliate networks and media agencies have a sizable advertising budget and know exactly how to spend it, a fact which makes Crypto Revolt that much more dangerous. Now before we proceed, its important that you know Gordon Ramsay is not the only high profile public figure which is used to promote this filthy scam. Richard Branson and Elon Musk are the favored duo when it comes to fake news and crypto scams, but ex-rugby play from South Africa Naas Botha, Singapore Deputy Prime Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam, and Irish Singer Shane Filan also represent a partial list of celebrity victims whose names are associated with Bitcoin scams and fraudulent Forex trading software. We are extremely concerned because this latest surge in fake news campaigns has escalated and reached unprecedented levels. This fact represents a clear and present danger to our members and viewers since these types of campaigns are highly misleading and intended to deceive unsuspecting victims looking to cash in on a legitimate trading app and generate some passive income. Keep reading our Crypto Revolt review followup and see how Gordon Ramsay is being used in fake news to promote illegal schemes (we have proof).

Official Website, Members Area and Login Link: cryptorevoltapp(dot)com/

OK, so just to recap here is the primary sales page and registration area for the Crypto Revolt SCAM software. Inside you can see the same Jake Tapper with the usual sales pitch. That is because Crypto Revolt is a cloned app as we mentioned in our previous reviews, and if you need a point of reference for comparison please refer to our Bitcoin Revolution and Crypto Cash review.

Crypto Revolt Registration Area

And here is the real juicy and interesting part of our review. Take a quick look below, you will see a screenshot we took from a spoofed website which is currently promoted using a search engine strategy named “black hat”. These websites are here today and gone tomorrow, but in the meantime they are generating much hype. A closer look at the fake news article by “Seth Fiegerman” on CNN Tech reveals just how slimy these scammers are. The article states “Gordon Ramsay Closes Restaurants, Jumps on Financial Tech”. And in the image you can see him getting real chummy with Sir Richard Branson.

Crypto Revolt Gordon Ramsay Fake News

If you look above where the little red arrow is pointing you will clearly see that a click on the hypertext leads you to the Crypto Revolt scam.

Crypto Revolt Review (Losing App) – Recap
The Crypto Revolt scam software is a part of a chain-scam or copy/paste scams where the templates are recycled and the only things that change are the logo and color palette. In the video presentation they would have you believe that signing up for this program will grant you free access to a “life changing” software and make you a millionaire overnight. They also claim that there is a signals app which trades with a 99.4% accuracy level. These are all lies and designed to get you signed up with an illegal offshore Forex broker (we got stuck with a sleazy broker named Prestige FM).

Crypto Revolt Copy and Paste SCAM

How Do I Spot Fake News?
The way to do it is by conducting proper research. A quick search in authority websites or various news portals usually does the job, and if that doesn’t work simply contact us by leaving a message below and we will respond as soon as we can. Its also worth pointing out that United Kingdom residents are specifically targeted in this campaign, so please don’t take the bait.

  • We have written a separate article just about Gordon Ramsay and all the tricks scammers are using to bait you.

Some Tested Systems
Assuming you are searching the internet for a tested trading software which actually delivers as promised in the sales video, then lady luck has indeed smiled at you today. Our recommended section includes a short yet reputable list of consistent money making software, so take a minute to check it out and let us know what you think.

Recommended Systems

Crypto Revolt Review Summary and News Flash: Gordon Ramsay Will Not Be Closing Any Restaurants!
There’s no other way to say it, Crypto Revolt is a scam and Gordon Ramsay has nothing to do with this fraudulent software. In fact, we are sure that he is extremely angry for having his name used and abused in such a deceptive way thereby causing people so much grief and misery. Crypto Revolt is a losing software, and designed to to that intentionally because that is how the crooks behind it make their money so don’t join and hold on to your wallet. Should you have any additional questions please reach out and contact us by leaving a message below or via our YouTube ChannelFacebook Group, and G+ profile.




Stephan Lindburg

Stephan is an experienced freelance writer focusing on finance, Forex, and online trading. Stephan is a graduate of Universität Mannheim school of Economics (Cum Laude)

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  • Have just been scammed into investigating an opening amount of £250 to Europe FX. This was after reading an article about Gordon Ramsey appearing on the This Morning ITV programme and announcing that he had made large amounts of money by bitcoin trading and indeed demonstrating to the presenters how easily it could be done . I then clicked on a link which took me to the EuropeFx site where I filled in my details. Was immediately rung up by a very persuasive rep who convinced me to invest £250. He said the next stage would be for a Relationship Manager to ring me tomorrow to talk me through the next process. Luckily I stopped shy of validating my ID by Wendy them passport/ID details.
    Have sent an email asking for the account to be closed and requesting a refund, though am not optimistic I will receive any money back.

    • Hi Androulla,
      We have written extensively about this trend and unfortunately fake news is becoming more prevalent. What you described is the classic scam process of being lured by a fake news advertisement and then getting baited by an offshore broker. Make sure to read our actual Crypto Revolt review, it will give you a better understanding of how the scam actually works:

  • Hi very nearly happen to me. I thought l ll give it a go with 200 quid started to fill out form and got a call from woman who went on that l should put in 400quid as l would get all the bells and whistles. .l turned her down flat then came away from site and did some checking. .. l had a close call

    • Hi Bryan. Nice catch and thanks for sharing. Was it Crypto Revolt or Crypto Revolution? Sometimes they mix up the scams.

  • Do not stand for anybody ringing you from Sweden they are bang at it and just trying to graft you out of yer hard earned Ramsay on morning tv is all screen shots and Hokusai pokes and as I’ve said the fraudsters are working out of Sweden etc

  • If Gordon Ramsay is angry about this why did he appear LIVE on the 'Good morning' show and promote it? He also compounded the insult by having the presenters try the 'Bitcoin Trade' LIVE. No doubt the account they used was pre-programmed to make a profit! He even stated he made between 13 -16 mil and enabled him to buy his 9th Farrari! If this is really a scam he should be ashamed!

      • In 2018 Gordon Ramsay denied being a frontman for this scam and here he is blatantly promoted Bitcoin Trader on the Goodmorning Show?
        Follow this link and see what is really happening and you will despise Gordon Ramsay as much as I do.
        You can clearly see on the Good morning Show that he was like a performing chimp throwing a few bits of chicken and a few leaks on a pan to show us he is just a hard working honest chef and all he was there to do was promote Bitcoin Trader - a scam he denied being affiliated to a year ago!!

  • My son opened an account for me he paid the £200 then they asked him to send a photo of his driving license and a bank statement am really worried

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